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Inheriting Shared Actions
~Patti Xanboosiburakol 01/12/2004 02:02 PM
Applications Development 6.0.2 CF2 All Platforms

If I want to use shared actions in a template, especially in a template hierarchie, I will run into serious problems.

Consider Template A, with shared actions and views using this actions. Then we have Template B, inheriting the views from Template A. the view has explicitly marked template inheritance. Some design elements will come from another template, but that doesn´t matter here. The shared actions are copyed from template a to b via pasting, the view too.

Now funny things happens: Sometimes the shared actions are not shared actions any longer, but I will find old code in the now non-shared action, or complete different actions are suddenly in the actionbar.

We want to use a hierachical template environment to share many elements between different databases, but this shared action thing seems not to work very proper!

Does anybody hav had the same problem, an am I right, that the only solution is, to use non-shared actions in the views?

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